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DIGITAL BLASPHEMY: Digital wallpapers to blow your socks off

IF you’re a fan of fantasy and an appreciator of digital art, then there is something you need to see. Images that allow you to immerse yourself and get lost in a fantasy place where all the worries in this world are forgotten (if only for a short while) are at your fingertips.

For those who don’t know: Over the course of the last 13 years Ryan Bliss, a self-taught 3D artist, has created the most incredible digital artwork.

His website, which began in 1997, offers original hi-res 3D-rendered desktop wallpapers, as well as links to some of the best computer art sites on the web.

Updated fairly regularly, it currently features over 650 images (including Widescreen, Dual-Monitor, and Triple-Monitor versions of some wallpapers), iPhone wallpapers, Pocket PC themes, and PSP wallpapers.

“Glowing Shrooms”

Digital Blasphemy

Glowing shrooms

Members are able to download new wallpapers once created and have unrestricted access to the entire collection of 3D wallpapers, which can be downloaded after paying a membership fee ($99 for a life-time membership).

There is also a free gallery available for non-members which hosts 20 wallpapers that can be downloaded free of charge.

To date, over 180 mobile wallpapers have also been posted inside the Members Gallery, which have been pre-formatted to fit Blackberry and other mobile handsets.

Apart from 3D wallpapers, other products available are full-sized posters, T-shirts, and digital blasphemy mouse pads.

The desktop wallpapers are designed large and look their best at the maximum comfortable resolution on any PC. They are designed to look decent at 1024 x 768 resolution but can be scaled down to suit any desktop resolution setting.

Digital Blasphemy is by far the best digital art website that I have come across on the web. Unfortunately, the steep exchange rate between the US dollar and South African Rand prevents me from signing up as member.

However, if you’re in the same pickle jar as myself, yet would still like to keep up to date with new blissful creations at Digital Blasphemy, there is a Facebook group available where all are welcome!

***Check out these top 10 Digital Blasphemy wallpapers***

Links: • Digital Blasphemy Interview with Ryan Bliss (2001)

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