My Greatest Failures

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FAIL: The phrase Fail is becoming commonplace in today’s western world, just as STD (or rather STI) has. I found an interesting account of its origin on Read Write Web the other day, but to put it crudely, ‘to fail’ is to make a ‘cock-up’ of something, usually quite badly.

The video clip of Nhlanhla Nene falling off his chair during a televised interview is a classic example.

The web is becoming littered with videos and photos of fail moments – which range from the creatively clever to the laboriously lame. There is even a whole website called dedicated to these.

Being a slow (and moderately hung-over) Friday morning, I Googled “fail” in Google images and had a little peruse. These are my top one’s that made me laugh out loud for about five hours and threw off everyone’s chi at work.

Soccer Fail
soccer fail
Frankly I don’t find humour in people getting hurt. Neither does Frank. But this is pretty funny.

Projectile Vomit Fail
It always amazes me how people manage to take photos at such precise moments (catching the vomit projecting out of this gentleman’s nose in this case).

Dumb American Fail
Lol. Enough said.

Even the British Fail
Looks like someone decided to drink the night before the parade.

Shark Fail
shark fail
The cameraman seemed pretty chilled here.

Fast Food Fail
Fast food fail
Nice tomatoe-sauce hand-writing

Coned Cat Fail
cat fail
I can just picture how confused this cat must have been.

Destined to Fail – Drunk Fail
drunk fail
I’m sure most of us can relate to this one on some level.

Frisbee Dog Fail
dog fail
This is pretty rough – albeit funny. I hope Fido is alright…

Mechanical Bike Fail
bike fail

Gay Fail – secret’s out!
gay fail
Unfortunate time to get caught on camera

Washing car failCar wash failThere are those bits of dirt that you just can’t get off.

Fake ID Fail
fake ID fail

Cheers to Failing!

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4 responses to “My Greatest Failures

  1. Awesome fails and commentary! I really wonder what some people in the pick were thinking at those moments…

  2. Que legal essas imagens fail a melhor de todas é o copo se quebrando e dando um banho de cerveja no casal ilário.

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  4. touch your nipples