Backstreet Boys parody

They say that your varsity years are some of the best years of your life. I couldn’t agree more – provided that you went to a place like Rhodes and weren’t forced by your folks to spend your varsity life in the depths of a cold library trying desperately to complete a law degree within four years and spending your Friday nights in the dingy computer labs with the sounds of joyous, drunken revelry continuing throughout the night in the background…
Those students got a raw deal.

Two years out of varsity, I have experienced what my fellow Rhodes scholars call “post-Rhodes depression” – a yearning to go back to the bubble-life and be surrounded by attractive, like-minded youth who accept you if you’re a little weird or different because of a shared understanding that varsity is all about personal growth and discovering who you really are. That, and having a jol!

My fellow Rhodents and I managed to reach celebrity status and wet the pants of many viewers young and old with this video that we made in our final year. It’s a ‘spoof’ video of the Backstreet Boys and is an example of what makes varsity fun, exciting and memorable.

Backstreet Boys – Incomplete parody

PS: If you don’t at least smile while watching this then I’m afraid your sense of humour is somewhat impaired. It’s possible that you are severely depressed and should consider seeking professional help. Otherwise Enjoy!

Happy Friday! 😀

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