World’s Greatest Amateur Strip Show

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STRIP SHOW: Amateur strippers get dirty at Sexpo South Africa

IN the spirit of audience participation, Sexpo South Africa held a competition called the World’s Greatest Amateur Strip Show. Up to ten guys and gals volunteered to get liquored-up before strutting their stuff on stage. Those that went Full Monty won some fantastically naughty prizes courtesy of some of the adult brands on show at the Durban sexpo.

These are some of the ‘amateur’ strippers that took part this year…

The World’s Greatest Amateur Strip Show

In case you’re wondering, the tall gent who went Full Monty won a prize and the female contestant with the large mammary glands won it for the girls. My vote was for the hot blonde… but I guess nudity and bravery prevailed 🙂

More sexpo videos!
Arianna Starr – curtain acrobatics
Miss Nude Australia – Arianna Starr
Miss Pole Dance UK – Tracey Simmonds

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