Miss Pole Dance UK at Sexpo 2009

*View this post in HD*

Tracey Simmonds took to the pole at the Durban Sexpo 2009 and gave some amazing performances on stage. She is incredibly talented and simply owned that pole. I couldn’t help thinking how she must be fitter than a caffeinated bunny during mating season to perform such acrobatics.

Pole dancing aside, she’s hot. And I don’t just mean “girl next door” hot. Perhaps it’s that I have a thing for accents, but I fell in love on the spot. And it gets even better – she’s a fully qualified nurse too. I know! She’s like the perfect woman.

Lets meet her shall we?

Tracey Simmonds – Miss Pole Dance UK

PS: After I proposed to Tracey she informed me that she has a stable boyfriend of about six months back home. She also runs all her shows by him and uses him as her guinea pig to practice her new moves upon. Lucky blighter…

PPS: Sadly, my camera battery died just before Tracey’s stage show at sexpo (I think it was overwhelmed from all the intense filming of half-naked people all day). As a result I was forced to use some clips from Tracey’s latest promotional video, which you can see (the full thing) on her website.

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