13 responses to “PhotoFunia

  1. Thanks Megan. My only concern is that facebook may now be littered with such profile pics. Secret’s out!

  2. haha very cool -will definitely fill some work hours this week! Here’s to a way-cooler profile pic 🙂

  3. Great site. I’ve found another similar site http://deefunia.com . It’s a cool site too..

  4. nice layouts ………….

  5. Thank you very much – photofunia is a really nice site. Another site like this is http://en.picjoke.com – they make a new effect every day!

  6. Thanks for sharing that link bobgarson. Sites such as these really are great – especially when they’re free!

  7. I love photofunia! Here are some more sites like it:

  8. Thanks for sharing those sites Gibs. I checked out a few of them and they’re grrrrrreat! 🙂

  9. hoooo this good, man oh man

  10. http://www.facemaza.com is another similar site with excellent collection of Indian celebrities and lots fun to make…
    And it’s FREE 🙂

  11. Hey Udaya, thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I dont know what to do …

  13. Hi Manish. Are you trying to create your own pics? Is there something I can help you with?

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