3 responses to “Good to be Google

  1. Great post! Such clever marketing by Google: they don’t just have a nice logo which advertises the company. No, they practically create a meme on the *actual* logos themselves! Its like branding your branding, or advertising your advertising.

  2. Thanks for the info – didn’t know about all the extra graphics, news, features etc that you can add on if you make google your homepage – and all so easy. Local weather with satelite showing clouds is great for knowing when to close windows (real, not virtual) is a great help. Living on top of a hill means swirling mist in the house – not only ghostly effect but bad for anything electronic 😎 Nice variety of graphics & news etc to chose from plus gadgets aplenty. Quick & easy to set up. Thanks sweetfeet 🙂

  3. @BM: God-like Google. That’s all I can say …
    @Mags: sweetfeet? I’ve never had that one before *blush* but you should really be careful of that mist. It can be deadly – as seen that that one film: The Fog. Dun dun daa! 🙂

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