Welcome and enjoy your stay

Attention new blog readers and site visitors

I’VE noticed a few new faces around here and wanted to welcome any new readers of Witness This, which has grown substantially in readership over the last couple of months. Thank you to all my regular readers (Eric) for your continued support, this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for you 🙂

Publishing dates
For the newcomers: I try my best to publish new content three times a week.

  • Mondays: I publish a techno-related column that I write for the Witness newspaper. These are usually the more meaty posts in which a lot of time and effort is spent. They are mostly archived under gadgets & tech and range from reviews, mobile technology and gaming to virtual reality.
  • Wednesdays: Working in a newsroom I get free access to news wires and often to try to pull something new and interesting off them to publish mid-week. These posts are usually archived under news & media, and include promotion & events and opinion & analysis pieces.
  • Fridays: Every Friday you can look forward to a Happy Friday piece. These are most often fun, entertaining or uplifting posts well-suited to a Friday afternoon and include a selection of feel-good videos.

The archive
Everything that I archive is carefully crafted to hold its value and relevance. So whether you read posts when they first appear or several months later, they should still offer something new, interesting or entertaining. Posts that expire (such as news pieces) are deleted once they are no longer relevant.

Categories have always been a contested issue on blogs (i.e. the value and use of them has been questioned). I’ve done my best to categorise each post into a single category alongside (to your right, and up a bit). However, I would recommend rather looking under the pages running along the top of this blog if you’re keen to read previous entries.

What’s available
There are now close to 200 posts archived under my various pages. So if you are new here (welcome) I Have put together a post of some of my favourite pieces I’ve written to date, which is very easy to navigate and browse through. If interested check out Blogger’s Greatest Hits.

Future developments
Everything I know about blogging I have learnt through practice over the last couple of years. I never expected this blog to grow as much as it has and am now looking to take it to the next level. I have plans to get it hosted locally soon, which will allow me to add some new & exciting widgets and features.

The soppy bit
The best thing about blogging and networking for me personally is freely sharing ideas, expertise and experiences with others so that we may all learn and grow together. I always endeavour to share what I learn with others (check online tips & tricks) and encourage others to do the same. I guess what I’m trying to say it I … I love you guys 🙂

Feel free to drop a comment and introduce yourselves, and once again, a warm welcome to any newcomers and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Kind regards,
Galen Schultz

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3 responses to “Welcome and enjoy your stay

  1. PS: Due to lack of time and know-how, I’m actually quite keen to pay someone a lump sum of gold to get my blog hosted and optimised for me. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested.

    In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to futher improve this webiste please feel free to comment below.

  2. hi my name’s samia im morocan i m a girl my favourite sport is rugby and my favourite music is giwan .

  3. Hi Samia, it’s great to know that so many nationalities visit here 🙂

    What is giwan music??

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