How to tweet like a pro

TWITTER: Tips towards becoming influential in the Twitterati

twitter-birdsDon’t lock your profile
To be ‘successful’ on Twitter you’ll need followers. Open your profile to all and pimp your background using websites such as Try to make things as witty and visually-appealing as possible.

Don’t go follow-crazy
Try to follow the same number of people that are following you. You may appear needy or desperate if you are following 1000 people yet only a handful are following you. Start by following an easily-manageable number, read what others are Tweeting and try get involved.

Twitterers Follow influential Twitterers
By following high-flying Twitterers you’ll increase your potential audience to millions. Check who those at the top follow and consider whether or not they are worth following yourself.

Maximise your usage
Use Twitter apps such as Twhirl to make Tweeting as effortless as possible. Tweet on the move too using your phone and simple phone apps for Twitter.

twitter birdieTweet the good stuff
Make your own content as interesting or as fun as possible and also retweet any good stuff you come across. Copy and paste good tweets with “RT@username” in front. Others will return the favour and this will help get your name get out there.

Pimp your content
Embed urls, images, music and video to sex up your Tweets. Try using Twitpic for easy image uploading from PC or phones. Twiddeo will let you do the same for video and Tweetcube will let you send files – including MP3s.

Use a recommendation service
Mr Tweet is a Twitter tool that will analyse your profile and recommend Twitterers you should consider following (as well as recommend you to other users). It supposedly creates a personalised list of peeps based on who your Twitter friends are and what you tweet about.

And that’s all you need to know to become a Twitter master!

This article was adapted from the December issue of Stuff

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