“Stand as one” 2010 Fifa World Cup Song

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STAND AS ONE: The unofficial Fifa 2010 World Cup song

THIS is the South African 2010 World Cup song everybody is talking about. FIFA and SAFA have not yet backed this track, so it’s creators have decided to take the melody to the people. The foot-tapping beat is called “Stand As One” and after I listened to it it gave me tingles down my spine. Any feedback and comments will be passed onto the creators. Otherwise just enjoy it!

Come on Dance! As we blow our Vuvuzela!!

“Stand as one” 2010 Fifa World Cup Song

Title: Stand as One
Artist: Martin PK
Producer: David Campos
PR/Marketing: JP van der Spuy

Related video: Proudly South African

37 responses to ““Stand as one” 2010 Fifa World Cup Song

  1. Aaah excellent. Thanks Galen, I was looking for this! I believe this was aired first on Highveld Stereo here in Joburg..? (94.7fm)

    It also gave me goosebumps when I first heard it.. I think we all needed a good song to get us in the mood

  2. Well kudos to the artist! It really is mood-boosting stuff. I hear that the creators are going to approach Vodacom to see if they would be interested in using the song. Either way it will certainly get out support! 😀

  3. Yeah it was aired on 94.5 KFM last week by Darren Simpson on the KFM breakfast show. Great sound, great lyrics and great vibe. Definitely one of those songs that you just can’t but help feeling patriotic and want to stand up and dance along.

  4. England fans around the world are listening to `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons. It is getting national airplay in the UK and being played at English football stadiums in advance of South Africa 2010. You can hear it at http://www.green-fields-of-england.com

  5. Craig L Furlong

    Not bad, but wait til you hear mine…

  6. I’m sure we’d all love to hear it. Do share…

  7. Craig L Furlong

    I am forwarding the song to whackhead tomorrow.
    Hopefully he will give it recognition and airplay.

  8. @George Dragon: I watched your video / listened to your song. I’m going to be brutally honest and admit that that was terrible! Scenes of the war!? lol, it’s a very old fashioned mentality to associate sport with war so blatantly. But that’s just my opinion. Nonetheless, I’m sure if I was British I would feel some form of patriotism 🙂

    @Craig: Good luck with Whackhead. Would be great to hear your song.
    Is it available for watch anywhere? On YouTube perhaps?

  9. Merle Gulbrandsen

    I have just heard Craig L Furlong’s song called Stars on 2010 and am completely blown away!!!

    Enjoyed “Stand as One” but you guys must hear the other one too!!

    Craig please post it on Utube soon!!! TURN UP THE VOLUME – and it feels like you are there!!!


  10. Wow, so intrigued to hear this song now! How were you granted the luxury of hearing it if it’s not on YouTube yet? Craig, please do share!

  11. Craig L Furlong

    Hi Galen – I will put it on YouTube on Monday once I figure out how. It sounds like you could be my biggest fan.

  12. Craig L Furlong

    Hi Galen – i have my song ready – have not done a video for it though so not sure how to upload it onto the net…. maybe you have some advise.
    Thanks bro…

  13. @Craig: Did you come right with uploading your song yet? If not, what you can do is just have an image of something showing with the song playing underneath. Find/create an image and import both your pic and song into Movie Maker. Make the image show for the duration of the song. OR you could have the lyrics show up as text slides while the song plays.

    Let us know when it’s up – I can’t wait the hear it!

  14. If You are looking to watch the World cup 2010 online you can try http://world-cup-2010-fifa.com/ this is what i’ve been using to watch some of my favorite TV show at work during my lunch time and it’s an amazing experience – the quality of the sound and video is superb.

  15. @Galen, any news from @Craig yet?

  16. @Chloe: watching TV shows at work? Tsk Tsk 😉
    @Deems: Craig emailed me his song. Some suggestions were made and he then sent an edited version. It’s not bad stuff but I have suggested that he creates a slideshow to compliment the vid and so that he can get it on YouTube. I will put it up on here when it’s done, so watch this space!

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  18. Just to clarify: there is no official Fifa 2010 World Cup song as yet. You could refer to the above simply as a nomination …

  19. @Galen apparently a song by Shakira and Freshlyground (?) is the official SWC2010 song.

  20. Really? Has anyone heard it yet? Interesting partnership of singers there 🙂 Nevertheless, artists should not be discouraged from producing their own musical versions of the 2010 WC.

    PS: I started putting together a vid of Craig’s 2010 song a few weeks ago. I’m just waiting on some more footage being sent to me before and can post it here and you can all have a listen and dance!

    Chat soon

  21. Here’s the Shakira/Freshlyground colab. I was talking about earlier:

  22. Hmmm … the song seems to be more Shakira than Freshly Ground – the whole thing is in Spanish! Is there a more English version?

    I still won’t believe that that’s the official WC song. Bollocks … we can do much better than that. And PS to the video editor: what’s the point of having violent red lyrics show up in the same language in which the song is sung??

    Sorry, I’m feeling grumpy today …

  23. Yeah that’s what I thought too – tried looking for a few other English versions but they’d been taken down.

  24. @Galen – here’s the English version (better quality too).

  25. Hey ya’ll,

    Craig’s song and video is up on YouTube. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHQHVxu3o30

    I’m sure he would love some feedback so please do post your opinions below…

  26. Carl Neale

    Stand As One is an extremely catchy tune with an undoubtedly African feel and rhythm to it. To me this is the type of song that should have been the official song of the world cup. Why on earth a Latin American singer has been chosen to sing the official song for the finals in South Africa is beyond me?

    As far as England songs go, it seems the fact that Fabio Capello, the manager of the England team, has declared that there will be no official team song has meant that many unofficial songs have been written this year. And 99% of them are truly awful!

    I’d say the best so far are:
    England Heroes

    Or for something a bit classier:
    The Beautiful Game

  27. Thanks for your input Carl and for sharing those links. I fully agree with you there – the Shakira thing is just weird. My only guess is that SA has a very close affiliation with South America and vice versa. There are also no bigger football nuts than the Spanish!

  28. Try three lions on fire by Junction FC and Titors Insignia of St Helens – the video is superb and stars Razor Ruddock and spit the dog. Released for download on may 17th 2010.

  29. if you like it a little bit more spicy…

  30. kevin afro

    It’s all funny to me. I don’t even have the the feeling of World cup. ‘Waving flag’ is much better then all this. Brov I respect these songs, but k’naan is way better then all diz…

  31. hey do you have any contact of this guy Craig L Furlong?

  32. Hey footieflu (lol), you can email Craig at this address: craiglfurlong@gmail.com

  33. Salim Sulaiman in FIFA world cup 2010

    First time in FIFA history Indian Music composer duo , SALIM and SULAIMAN merchant have been invited by the organising committee to compose the anthem for the upcoming mega event to be held in South Africa between June 11 and July 11.Find Out more Updates on>>FIFA World Cup 2010

  34. Hey, guys these songs really make people feel JOY for the coming event. You know, music gives people the feelings of winning! The artist that sang that world cup song for 2010 is great. I really like these songs.

  35. Where can I download “stand as one” from Martin PK?

  36. Hi Q. You can download YouTube videos using a program called “YouTubeDownloader”. It’s free to use and a very small and nifty program too! You can use the prog to download vids directly off YouTube.


  37. franck ronaldo

    I liked Stand as one… But my favourite at the moment is “Here We Go”

    check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7VXV17Z_LY

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