Doraleous and Associates

FANTASY FILM: Doraleous & Associates

Doraleous & Associates is a fantastically humorous video series started by The Escapist at the beginning of 2010. Its first season recently concluded with the 24th episode. If you are not yet familiar with the show, below is the first episode of season one. I personally find it to be a great little video break during the working week (usually Friday afternoons), but you should appreciate it if you are a fan of fantasy, digital animation, Doraleous and great wit-filled humour. Enjoy!

Doraleous and Associates is written and voiced by the very talented crew of Nate Panning, Brent Triplett, Bryan Mahoney, Jon Etheridge and Tony Schnur. Drawn and Animated by Brent Triplett and Jon Etheridge. See a new episode every Thursday at Noon (Friday mornings for South Africans) only on The Escapist.

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