Happy Friday Drunkovision

DRUNKS: How things appear when under the influence

DRUNK-O-VISION is a pretty straight-forward concept. The pictures below, brought to you by College Humour, humorously illustrate how things may appear when a bit boozed. I’m sure all drinkers can relate to these on some level.

Drunkovision: Chicks
Headless chicks
Drunkovision: Beer!
Drunkovision: Intelligence
Drunkovision: Possible Beds
Possible places to crash
Drunkovision: Pain
Drubkovision - Pain
Drunkovision:Self Perception
Drunkovision - Self Perception
Drunkovision - Risks
Drunkovision - Smoking
Drunkovision - Barfing

Drink responsibly. Happy Friday! 😀

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