DialMedia Deals Free Smartphone App

Free smartphone app alerts you of nearby deals

Targeted advertising has always been the major goal of advertisers, who have to try damn hard these days to grab our attention. Amassing a target audience has lead to abuse in the past, such as the selling of personal info to 3rd parties.

Some may argue that Google’s recent private policy changes, whereby a user’s Google accounts are all merged together to create one neat profile, is aimed to aid the cause of targeted advertising. If you watch a lot of skateboarding videos on YouTube and email friends about skateboarding via Gmail, you’re likely to be targeted with skateboarding adverts.

Some may find this intrusive whereas others may view it as convenient. We all have that one friend who gets everything for so cheap; the one who makes use of Groupon and who always knows where to get a great special or discount on something. If you are that sort of person (or want to be) then there is a smartphone app just for you.

DialMedia Deals is a free smartphone app that has been developed in South Africa by SA company DialMedia. The smartphone application informs subscribers of relevant deals and specials available at major shopping centres around the country. Consumers are able to download the application for free to their smartphones, which runs silently in the background without negatively affecting battery performance.

Download DialMedia Deals Free Smartphone App

DialMedia Deals Free Smartphone App

DialMedia spokesperson and co-owner Philip Bartholomew explains how the DialMedia Deals app works:

“On entering a mall, using geo-location, the application alerts the customer to nearby available specials which are tailored specifically to the user. Listings are categorised and ranked to easily find the best specials from their favorite stores and restaurants.”

DialMedia Deals allows consumers to always be up to speed on the latest specials, sales, discounts, restaurant specials, promotions and events. The service is regularly updated by store owners in shopping centres, who have the flexibility to change deal details on a daily basis.

“The DialMedia Deals app is already available on Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry’s App World, as well as on Android Marketplace. It may very well be the one app that can save consumers money without it costing them a cent”, says Bartholomew.

He added that the application does not monitor or record the location of the user; rather, the app is alerted when the user is in the vicinity of a relevant special. DialMedia state that no information is shared with outside parties (including DialMedia itself).

If you are the type of person who is willing to be paid to listen to adverts, then the rebate feature of the DialMedia Deals application will interest you. This allows you to save on mobile bills by getting paid rebates for hearing an audio ad before your call connects.

For more information, visit www.dialmedia.co.za

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