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Download Stunts Free

Farting around on the inter-webs the other day I came across something that kept me entertained for hours (would have been days if I didn’t pass out on my keyboard and wake up to find “gfdhhhhhhhhhh” recurring on my monitor). So because it’s Christmas and I’m in a festive mood I thought I’d share this one with you. Christmas is all about the presents after all 🙂

If you have a Need for Speed yet perhaps lack the hardware requirements to run the latest racing games, then Stunts is for you.

Also known as 4D Sports Driving, Stunts features everything one could possibly want in a racing game: sharp turns, ramps, loops, extreme jumps, corkscrews, and lots of speed.

Players can choose from 29 tracks and 11 different cars and either race these against the clock or challenge up to six differently-skilled opponents.

One can also choose between manual and automatic transmission, switch between four different camera views, and save your insane wipeouts, stunts, and write-off crashes as instant replays.

Courses like these make for great instant replays
Awe ye!

In addition to all this is a built-in track editor that allows you to design your own tracks. With this you can choose to ice your track with snow, rough it up with gravel, or smooth the surface with a selection of paved roads.

Stunts was originally written for MS-DOS and therefore runs in 320×200 with 256 colours. However, it has a relatively advanced pseudo-physics engine for its time (1990), which is able to simulate oversteer and understeer.

Although Stunts is now more than 18 years old, it remains a popular and addictive title that maintains a large fan-base worldwide. It has seen a few World Stunts Meetings and there are even still online competitions held whereby players can send in their saved replays via e-mail.

• Stunts is available for free download via the link below and is a mere 1mg zipped file. Also note that you’ll probably need to run the game in DOSbox with Mo’slo, otherwise you may have almost no control over your car! May make for better replays though…

Download Mo’Slo
Download DOSbox
Download stunts now!

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