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Strange inventions from around the world

THERE are over six million patents in the U.S. alone — most of which have never been taken seriously and made it to the shelves. Some of them are quite practical while others make one ask: “Just what were they thinking?” Below are the most bizarre if not the most humorous inventions from around the globe … Continue Reading

If historic people had Facebook

HUMOUR: If Facebook had existed before the dawn of time. A real gem brought to you by Cool Material! … Continue Reading

Master your Maths with Numberwise!

NUMBERWISE: Free online tool set to transform maths in SA. The Numberwise program was originally written by Durbanite Trevor Lagerwall for his youngest son, Ross, who was struggling with maths at school. After completing the Numberwise course, said son achieved 100% for First Year Maths at UKZN … Continue Reading

EASY PC 4: Virus Scans

IF your PC is connected to the Internet, having a good virus checker is of the utmost importance. There are many virus scans available and the more expensive ones are generally better, however there are some free ones around that will serve your PC just fine … Continue Reading

SA Blog Awards voting tips & suggestions

VOTING for the SA Blog Awards 2010 clicks off in September and there is bound to be some stiff competition. One’s main instinct is to vote for the blog(s) that you enjoy most and perhaps read the most often; but there are a few questions voters should ask before casting and determining who the winners will be this year … Continue Reading


DRUNK-O-VISION is a pretty straight-forward concept. The pictures below, brought to you by College Humour, humorously illustrate how things may appear when a bit boozed. I’m sure all drinkers can relate to these on some level … Continue Reading

How fairy tales really end

After Aladin fled the scene when the war broke out, Jasmine did the only thing any princess would do in such a situation — picked up a gun and vowed to kill all men … Continue Reading

Fuseware Social Media Report

Fuseware is a Cape Town based social media research company that is currently creating a free social media research survey about the business case for social media in South Africa. They are asking the top influencers in the media and marketing industry for their views regarding this and aggregating all the information into a 100% free report … Continue Reading

Cooking tips & household tricks

Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating than peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom which are firmer and better for cooking. Hairy legs? Use some hair conditioner to shave. It leaves legs smoother than a baby’s nether region. … Continue Reading

Latest tech news and web developments

SA Blog Awards 2010 come of age

WITH many bloggers now focusing on their blogs full-time, blogs have moved from a fun sideline project to a lucrative form of business. Keeping in line with this trend, the SA Blog Awards have also matured and bloggers will see statistics from their site forming part of the evaluation criteria for the judges in each of the categories in 2010 … Continue Reading

The Buzz around Google Wave

There has been much buzz as to why Google Wave was a failed project, but the pivotal reasons appear to be three-fold. Excessive hype and expectations, too many features for a single web application, and at the same time, not enough unique features to differentiate Google Wave from existing services, all ultimately lead to its untimely downfall … Continue Reading

Flash just got flashier with Papervision3D

Papervision3D is an open source, real-time 3D engine for Flash which essentially allows anyone to work online in 3D. It has been extensively used in the gaming industry and is becoming increasingly popular for creating interactive 3D websites. A large appeal of Flash is that it is compatible with all web-rich media, social applications and several gaming platforms … Continue Reading

YouTube Blockbuster — Life In A Day

Ridley Scotts explains that his idea for Life in a Day can be traced back to his childhood when he bunked a day of school and documented his actions, thoughts and feelings. He began to understand that different people around the world attach different value and meaning to events and experiences that we all share, such as the sun rising and setting … Continue Reading