About the Author

GALEN SCHULTZ is an online geek and web-addict who is interested in anything to do with humanly beneficial technologies and the web 2.0 phenomenon. He has a bachelors degree in new media and spends his free time blogging, producing videos and reversing stereotypes. He currently works at The Natal Witness in Pietermaritzburg as a design sub-editor, technology columnist and multimedia journo.

You can contact him via e-mail at galen.schultz[at symbol]gmail.com

On a more personal note, I was born on 27 June 1985, am very positive about SA, and my left foot is bigger than my right one. I studied Journalism and Media studies at Rhodes University specialising in broadcast (radio), new media (multimedia) and design. Knowledge is my religion and I am a student of Life. I’ve dabbled in the teachings of psychology, history, philosophy, the media, classics, linguistics, Japanese, biology, sociology, astrophysics and far eastern religion. I’m a huge fan of music, gaming, guitaring, writing, traveling, intellectual debating, documentaries, Derren Brown, Louis Theroux, Stephen Fry, good stand-up comedy (e.g. Eddie Izzard) the Internet and video-making (*breathe here if reading out loud) and try to maintain a good sense of humour in my day-to-day living.