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TECHNOLOGY can be a wonderful thing if it allows us to live better lives and improve the standard of living for all human beings. It can also allow us to better understand our world and universe and our places within them. I believe technology should be embraced for these reasons.

However, technology also has the potential for degrading the human species and often has a hidden agenda, whether this be for money, warfare, power or control. It is therefore crucial that we critically analyse any piece of new technology that becomes a part of our lives either directly or indirectly. This is largely what my blog and weekly columns aim to achieve.

A German activist once suggested that we have two options to approaching life:
1. To be a spectator and simply accept what makes up society as god-given, or
2. To be an active member in society by identifying problems and finding creative solutions to solving these problems. I choose the second option.

My capacity as a trained journalist affords me the opportunity to make readers aware of societal issues and offer possible or workable solutions suggested by creative experts from around the world. Education and collective thought and debate have the power to be real game-changers in society and we should accept no sociological system as finite. My Techno Talk articles aim to encourage critical thought and debate and I continuously endeavour to keep these relevant and up-to-date.

But of course life would not be fully enjoyable without some good old escapism and a sense of humour. At the end of the working week I offer readers something either funny or inspiring mixed with a tasteful dash of humour. My escapism primarily comes in the form of PC gaming, music, art, virtual reality and web-browsing, and I have an extensive list of posts dedicated to such interests.

I have no doubt that you will find something here that will either make you excited, motivated, inspired, angry, enlightened, a bit more wiser, argumentative, tingly, teary, optimistic, warm and fuzzy or will tickle your funny bone.

Kind regards,
Galen Schultz


Blog page: Gadgets & Tech

These posts form the crux of Witness This. I republish all my technology columns that I write for the paper here every Monday.

Blog page: Quite Interesting

“Galen” means “curious one” in ancient Greek (according to one online source). This speaks a lot of truth and largely reflects the nature of several of these posts – mixed with a tasteful dash of humour. This page also hosts a number of my published columns.

Blog page: Web 2.0

Web developments and absurdities and cool and useful websites and resources. A few columns on the weird and wonderful web can also be found on this page.

Blog page: Online tips & tricks

A growing section on this blog offering tips and tricks related to blogging, movie making, online shopping and simply accomplishing more on the web.

Blog page: News & Media

A selection of current events related to tech news, happenings on the web, gaming news, promotion and events and a few opinion pieces.

Blog page: Happy Friday

Every Friday you can look forward to a Happy Friday post. These are usually something fun and entertaining and well-suited to a Friday afternoon.

Blog page: Videos/Blogtube

All the videos I produce for The Witness and the web find a place here when suited. Check out my videos page for a full list of all the videos available thus far. Happy viewing!

 MyScoop Review:

“With Galen being a journalist it’s easy to see why I have rated this blog so high for content. Galen really puts a lot of effort and research into what content goes into his articles. I know this from having the pleasure of being interviewed by Galen for one of his articles. Keep up the good work Galen!” 9/10 – Nicholas Duncan