Player Versus Player Digital Arena

NEW Gaming experience opens at Liberty Midlands Mall

AN exciting new entertainment venue opens in Pietermaritzburg’s Liberty Midlands Mall this weekend. PVP Digital Arena (short for Player Versus Player) will allow gamers to at last take advantage of some built-in features of the Xbox 360 that they have been denied up until now.

Previously Xbox owners have only been able to take advantage of around 30% of the capabilities of the Xbox, says Brendon Holder, who together with Paul Gilliver is responsible for dreaming up the idea for this ground-breaking store.

PvP Digital ArenaPVP is, apparently, the first of its kind in the country and the only electronic game specialist store in Pietermaritzburg. The store also retails a range of the best and latest games for Xbox, Playstation, PC and Nintendo consoles and Holder and Gilliver are available to give expert advice.

PVP will give gamers access to 20 networked  Xbox 360s connected to high definition LCD monitors, to play the latest games that include first person shooters such as Halo: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and Call of Duty; third person shooters like Gears of War 2; real time strategy games such as Halo Wars; car racing and rally games that include Dirt 2, and car simulators like Forza 3; as well as a variety of “beat-em-up” games, and sports games like Fifa 10, rugby and golf.  

The real X-factor with PVP, however, is the fact that players can play against other players in the same room, giving the already convincingly rendered games, enhanced reality. Slow internet speeds in South Africa have meant that unlike other places in the world, live multiplayer gaming has not been a real option for gamers in SA. This has meant that possibly the most exciting aspect of electronic multiplayer games has yet to be experienced by locals.

“Playing Call of Duty is so much more real when you and your squad are in the same room, discussing strategy, while your opponents are on the other side of the room planning how to ambush you. The line between real and virtual is blurred.” – Holder

To further enhance the experience, PVP will hold competitions, elite tournaments for pro gamers, and in-store events, including the possibility of “moments of madness” where they will randomly give away PVP-branded gear and other prizes to players.

The eagerly anticipated store has already created a stir on PVP’s facebook page (PVP Digital Arena) and Liberty Midlands Mall centre manager Cassie Fourie says that there has been a lot of interest shown.

“Customers have been asking when PVP is opening and are extremely excited”, she said, “We welcome this new addition to the mall, which caters to the entertainment element.”

The best news though is that to get in on the action, it will cost players less than a ride in one of those peddle boats at the seaside, with prices starting at a mere R20 per 30 minutes.

Costs to play at PVP Digital Arena
      – R20 per 30 minutes
      – R35 per one hour
      – R60 per two hours

Events planned
After-hour “lock ins” will be organised for groups of 16 or more on request.
 Competitions for rankings, with prizes, to be held every month.
Elite tournaments for pro gamers to be held at PVP.
Various events to be held weekly, including “moments of madness”

Other goods on offer
PVP is also a retailer of the best electronic console games for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and PC. Buyers can try games before they buy and get expert advice on game choices. There will be a game swopping facility available too.

Membership options are planned for the future, with loyalty cards that earn members points that can be redeemed for playing time, games or PVP merchandise.

 Twenty networked Xbox 360s linked to HDMI.
23” LCD monitors, with headphones and comfortable tub chairs.
PVP will keep their equipment current and in future will even change to another console platform if a better one is released.

PVP Digital Arena is at Shop 93A at Pietermaritzburg’s Liberty Midlands Mall. Don’t miss their grand opening at 9am this Saturday, October 24. Get there early to claim your place. For inquiries call PVP at 033 342 6420 or email Brendon Holder:

8 responses to “Player Versus Player Digital Arena

  1. Its about time someone in SA did this! This is going to be one of the most popular places to visit in PMB – in the whole of KZN in fact.

  2. Thanks Skipper, please help spread the word!

    Do you really think it’s going to be that big though? I was a bit skeptical when told that it’s the only store of its kind in the country…

  3. Ja Galen I do. This sort of thing is big overseas but I don’t know of any stores that offer CONSOLE based gaming in SA. And since this is a huge market, it makes sense to me that people who have consoles, or like them but can’t afford them, or people who have never tried them would really like a store like this.

    I know a number of people who are really into gaming (both in terms of the money and time invested) and the main issue is that it isn’t very social. But if you link up the consoles, it becomes social since all your mates can play with/against each other.

    Time will tell, but I reckon it’ll be a huge success.

  4. Thanks for the input Skipper – it sounds as if you’ve has some experience in this department 🙂

    I will hopefully be going to check out this grand, new store this weekend. Also thinking of producing a promo video for them. Watch this space!

  5. HI !!! Iv been going to this store almost every weekend … i must say that this is the most awsome place around in pmb and i wish there where more shops like this in south africa … its an awsome place to make friends and you know thats as a 18 year old girl, you wont be going home disappionted 🙂
    i realy wish more people could give this place a chance sothat it can grow because id rather go to pvp and have the best time ever than going to clubs … if you catch my drift 😉 … you guys should realy spend some time there and get to know the people … it will be worth our time and money 😀

  6. @Wildgirl: Well maybe catch you around the store sometime then 😉 I’m just hoping that they get some PC gaming going. As a PC gamer, using a console is like learning a new language! Enjoy

  7. PVP has moved from Liberty Midlands Mall to Hayfields Shopping Center above CNA where the gym used to be! The place is bigger, better, space for kinect gaming!!! You can even order pizza from Pizza Perfect next door to the store, come and see for your self!!! For more interesting news follow me on Twitter @OwenSithole3

  8. pvp has jackek up and the place is wild. The magic there is really great there too, i think i’ll get myself a deck or two 😉

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