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New & Free Online Games at Playberry!

GAMING: Fresh offerings from Playberry

As a games critic, I have to say that I am hugely impressed with the quality of both free online games and mobile games. There are of course hundreds of really unimpressive free online games, but if you know where to look, there are many gems among the rough that are certainly worth giving a bash.

One new website that offers some quality free online games, is Playberry. Described as a “social gaming website dedicated to bringing great gaming content to your browser”, Playberry both develops and handpicks some really great games. It is made by gamers, for gamers.

Playberry Website – Free Online Games

Playberry - Free Online Games

There is a great range of freebies on Playberry, from zombie shoot-em-ups such as In Death We Rise to off-road speedsters such as Renegade Racing. Games are also voted on by Playberry users, providing a user-generated list of the most popular choices.

Playberry covers every major genre of games – from action, adventure and shooters to puzzlers, sports and strategy. Best part is that all these games are free to play and require no registration of any kind. Just visit www.playberry.com and dive right in!

There are of course benefits to registering with Playberry, which is free and can simply be done using your Facebook account. You’ll receive updates of new releases, and I see that they are creating a forum whereby users can make suggestions for new releases. A great feature for any online gaming site.

Playberry is building up a steady following on Facebook, and if you register with your Facebook account, you’ll also have the option of sharing your gaming awesomeness and progress with your friends.

So if you are a gaming enthusiast and are looking for the latest offerings of free online games, check out Playberry and get your game-face on! These games are so nice and small – making them perfect for playing while waiting around or whenever you can sneak in a few minutes of quality playtime.

MyGaming Giveaways

Attention all gaming enthusiasts

If you’re keen on your gaming, there’s a fantastic website that started this year (2009) that you should know about by now. It’s goes by the domain name of www.mygaming.co.za and is packed full of news, reviews and the usual things gaming websites offer. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

MyGaming is a news, reviews and community website catering for the needs of the South African gaming community. It carries both national and international news about the latest games, consoles, PC gaming hardware and of course reviews about all of these.

'We're cool'Anyway, my point is that they’re offering some mean giveaways and hosting a Call of Duty 4 (CoD 4) competition. They are giving away over R2000 worth of prizes in a once off 20 minute CoD 4 match, R1000 in cash prizes, and two MSI G31M3 Motherboards.

The charitable gents at MyGaming are also giving away 2 copies of Killzone 2 for PS3 as well as two special-edition Killzone 2 T-shirts. Prize categories include “Most Kills”, “Most Assists”, “Most Deaths” and a “Special Knife Prize.”

You can enter this exciting competition here, or you can subscribe to their site to be kept up to date and become cool.

PS: Prizes are given to active forum members on a regular basis.