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Google Glass Review: Functions and Flaws

There has been a lot of hype over one of Google’s latest gadgets – Google Glass. The multi-billion dollar company never fails to create huge excitement around their products, which is evident in this case by their impressive video trailer “How It Feels [through Glass]”

It’s easy to get really excited about Google Glass after watching something like this. The song alone almost makes you want to go ski-diving and start living a fuller life.

However, since Google Glass became available to more ordinary folk (at a price tag of $1500), several videos have since surfaced that highlight the inherent flaws in this technology. A Google Glass review by Engadget mentions some of these shortfalls.

Google Glass Review: Functions & Flaws

Google Glass Review - Sergey Brin (image: news.cnet.com)First and foremost, there are MAJOR concerns about privacy. Google Glass wearers could be filming you while in the bathroom or recording your daily movements. Stalking would be taken to a whole new level.

It is also not mentioned that Google Glass requires a wireless connection to your smartphone (which comes at an additional cost). Users have also reported that battery-life is really only a few hours and that the device needs to be charged often via a micro USB.

Functionality also seems to be quite limited with this early edition of Google Glass. You can’t browse webpages or make use of any apps at this point. What Google Glass does allow you to do is check weather forecasts, take pictures and videos (and share these), do basic searches, read and reply to emails or messages, hang out on Google+, get directions, tell you the time and respond to voice prompts. I’m sure there are a few more functions of Google Glass, but at this point, it is essentially a low-end smartphone for your face.

There’s no doubt that Google Glass will evolve into something more impressive over time, but it is also most likely that credit for this will be due to non-Google developers and rather users of the technology – a cheap and effective method of outsourcing. But at least Google has planted the seeds for a possible future behind a screen.

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Green gadgets on show at Stuff Live!

GREEN TECH: Green gadgets that could help save the planet

WITH the possibilty of yet another energy crisis looming, coupled with the current financial crisis and soaring fuel prices, gadget makers got a chance to show off their green credentials at the Stuff Live! technology show held in London recently. Amid the usual array of power-hungry televisions, stereos and computers, a handful of companies promoted hi-tech products designed to cut energy consumption and help save the planet.

London-based firm DIY Kyoto has come up with the Wattson – a wireless device that lets families monitor exactly how much power they are using at home. It measures electricity consumption and displays the amount of power and how much it costs on a sleek portable box with a digital screen. The £100 device glows red when households use more power than normal or blue when they are being energy efficient.

“The whole idea is to save money and to save the environment, and what’s great is that you find people try to get the reading down as low as possible” – Jason Goldman of DIY Kyoto.

British gadget website www.firebox.com displayed a Chinese-built electric scooter that it has converted for sale on the British market. Called the Ego Street Scoota, it has a 30 to 40 mile range and a top speed of 30 mph. It costs eight pence to charge the bike using the mains electricity supply.

Parked next to it was a more powerful scooter from U.S. firm Vectrix. Its Maxi-Scooter has a top speed of 62mph and a range of 68 miles at 25mph. Its latest model has a built-in music player and a system that sends music wirelessly to your helmet.

While nearly all gadgets rely on electricity or batteries, a range of portable chargers from U.S. company Solio, that use solar power, were on display. The devices can convert one hour of sunshine into an hour of playback on an iPod or 25 minutes of talk time on a mobile. The gadget has three blades which fan out to catch sunlight which it then stores in an internal battery for up to a year.

Wearing its heart on its sleeve, one energy-efficient laptop came with a shell made of bamboo instead of the usual plastic or metal in an attempt to reinforce its eco-friendly aspirations.

Taiwanese computer maker Asustek said it used bamboo because it is strong, grows back quickly and is biodegradable. Advised to keep away from pandas!

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Search for SA’s Gadget Genie

In celebration of the launch of mobile voice, MWEB is on the look out for South Africa’s first-ever Gadget Genie.

THE Gadget Genie campaign is an effort to demystify technology in a fun and funky way and aims to show consumers how they could enjoy the benefits of web 2.0 and the latest cellular gadgets.

During the course of the campaign MWEB representatives will hit the streets of SA to interview ordinary citizens about their greatest technology woes.

So If you know your Wi-Fi from your WiMax and your Bluetooth from your Blu-Ray, visit www.mwebgadgetgenie.co.za before November 16 and try your techno-ledge on the Geek-O-Meter to stand the chance of winning great prizes.

Post-winner-announcement plans include a series of ‘agony aunt’ blog entries and educational blogs where the Gadget Guy or Girl will explain and demonstrate solutions to these problems, and in doing so, help demystify technology for the nation.

Who qualifies as a Gadget Genie?
The Gadget Guy or Gadget Girl is incredibly Internet and tech-savvy and proud to be called a geek! He/she understands all models of cellphones intimately, can sync their laptop with their cellphone in a matter of seconds, can connect to the Internet via any cell, and realises the power of the Internet by finding innovative ways to help you get online info quicker.

The Genie will be the ultimate person to help guide the average user through the maze of cell and Internet options.

  • Post-winner-announcement activities will depend on the Gadget Genie’s availability.

– Issued on behalf of MWEB

Link: Test your knowledge on the Geek-O-Metre